How To Find the Right Inventory Software

There are many inventory programs on the market. How should you decide which inventory software to buy? Inventory software programs can be costly, but the right system will satisfy your business needs at a reasonable price. Here are three simple steps to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Determine your small to medium business needs. The best way to do this is to take into account your current requirements. Remember to look ahead and include future business requirements in your planning!

Step 2: Understand your problems or issues that arise during your everyday operations. For example, many business owners still use spreadsheets to manage or count inventory, which is a manual process. The use of spreadsheets is cumbersome and error prone. They require human input. You know what happens if one small error occurs: It creates a chain reaction of inventory mistakes, causing shortages or overages. These mistakes cost money and hurt customer service in the long run.

Step 3: Choose your software vendor or manufacturer. This is the hardest step in this process because many factors affect your decision.

  • Budget: how much can you really afford to spend? If you shop only on price without considering the business process, you will soon find that the inventory software you bought fails to meet your short and long-term needs
  • Business Size: If you are a small business (SMB) then look for small business software. If you’re a medium sized business (MSB) then look for appropriately-sized software.
  • Internet: Use the internet to look for software companies that market to your business size.
  • Collect Product Information: Inventory software manufacturers offer free online information, demos and product literature.
  • Select an Inventory Software Vendor: Pick five or more vendors and review product information. Fill out on-line request forms for three of the vendors or arrange sales calls. During the call express your needs. Be as clear as you can about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Many inventory software programs support most computer operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC using SQL Express and business accounting software

If you shop wisely for inventory software, you should have every expectation that you will reduce the use of paper and the errors caused by human entry mistakes! This means better customer service, better inventory control and less time spent chasing down problems. That equals a very good return on your investment.

Inventory Software Steps That Will Maximize Your Inventory Investment While Reducing Your Expenses

You might not think that your business needs to use inventory software, and maybe this is true if you are in the very beginning stages of running a business.

However, once you were truly up and running you would be doing yourself a terrible disservice if you were not putting in place a good inventory management system that would allow you to maximize the way you were doing things.

When a business first gets started or if it is still quite small the business is going to go through a lot of cash. This is usually the make or break time for a lot of businesses.

If they are unable to use cash the right way then they are not going to survive very long. It is getting tougher and tougher to stay in business if one is not able to have cash on hand when they need it.

Seeing as how you are going to need cash on hand all the time you cannot afford to have cash tied up at all. This is going to happen no matter what you do, but there are some areas where you can prevent such problems.

Inventory would be one of them. Using the right inventory management system is just the first step. Making sure you have the right software in place to run it efficiently is the next step.

Your goal is going to be carrying only as much inventory as needed based on customer demand. You might decide to carry a little bit extra for the purpose of bigger discounts from suppliers or to hedge against fluctuations in customer demand.

In any case the goal is going to be finding that sweet spot. You do not want too much, but you also will not want too little.

When things are done thins way it means you will not have to worry about having cash tied up in inventory. Now why is this important. You want to be able to use this money in other areas of the business.

This is really important for any business that is just getting started and having cash on hand will allow you to be prepared for unexpected things.

Inventory software also allows a business to reduce negative cash flow, because it is going to allow a business to keep down inventories.

At least it will allow a business to keep them right where they need to be. Excess inventories can mean doom for certain business, especially if they are not able to eventually move it.

What inventory software is really all about will surprise you because many businesses fail to understand how logistics software can really benefit their organization long term.

For instance, say you want to set up an inventory management system that is not going to consume a lot of your time right? Well if this is the case you cannot have a system that is overly dependent on other people.

You want to know that any and all information you need to ensure your system is effective can be quickly obtained by you.

Even if you have to rely on others you still want to know what information they will need in order to ensure they bring you back the information you need to input into the software.

Inventory software will help you along in this regard. It is designed to help you answer important questions and make needed changes.

It is made so that you are able to control your inventory the way it needs to be so you keep your costs down. In such a competitive business environment you need this.

The investment you might have to make in logistics software is nothing compared to the long term value you will get by using this program daily.

Best Inventory Software – Learn About the Top 5 for Small Business

One of the biggest problems that small to mid-sized businesses face today is having an inventory control method that works well for them. Of course inventories are managed on a computer using software but it is hard to know exactly what is the best inventory software.

Provided below are the names of some of the best inventory software programs available today with a brief breakdown on each.

A really straight forward type of inventory software is named ABC Inventory. This software is very powerful being able to generate most types of reports that any manger would require including task lists, sales quotations, mailing labels and more. It is actually built on the Microsoft access framework so if you are familiar with how office works, you will feel right at home.

One of the more basic inventory control software is actually named Basic Inventory Control. It is extremely simple to use but this software might not be appropriate for power users wishing to generate many different reports. The design of the interface could use some updating as it looks like it was made in 1998.

An up and coming inventory management system named Chronos eStockCard inventory software has a very easy to use interface with tons of help files to lower the learning curve. The problem is that with many drop down boxes and menus, a user may not figure out all the functionally of the software without using the help files. One problem that has been reported by some users is that changing from screen to screen can be very sluggish. Ones these bugs are ironed out, this program will most definitely be a contender for one of the best software systems for inventory.

One of the most popular types of inventory management software is named Inflow. Inflow was built on the principles that software should be easy and yet still powerful in order to run reports that you need. With a very pretty interface and easy to understand design, this software is the choice for many small to mid-sized business owners and has been the most downloaded of all programs.

Microsoft also make inventory management software named Microsoft dynamics. While most appropriate for big business and managers who demand many reports – it may not be affordable for small business owners. In addition, the software can be complicated to learn and be difficult to train employees at first but at least you know you are getting software from the largest software company on the planet.