Benefits of Using Inventory Software or POS Software in Business

Well founded performance management system will always help reducing the overall as well as carry costs of any enterprise. Providing the cost benefit balancing of stock and controlling the flow of stock effectively, the inventory software serves useful purpose for any enterprise.

Inventory Software Features

Basic features of inventory software are as follows:

  • It helps analyze the cost of existing stock in the enterprise.
  • Inventory or POS software can effectively and efficiently manage the flow of articles so that the enterprise is not either low or high on stock as both these situations are detrimental to the growth of such institution.
  • It monitors the flow of purchase and shipping of articles to different locations.
  • Having correct quantity of items in the store is one of the most important tasks accomplished by use of the software.
  • It helps maintaining the flow of items from Vendor to store or Vendor-DC-store.

Flow of Inventory

Effective POS system involves keeping a steady flow of inventory and managing as well as monitoring the same. Some of the major aspects of such flow of inventory are as follows.

  • Receipt of the goods and keeping stock. Picking up goods for fulfillment of orders.
  • Packaging and shipment of goods.
  • Monitoring sales to inventory tasks.
  • Effectively reducing the spilling of products.
  • Identifying materials about to expire or already expired and hence rendered unsalable.

While all these are the basic peripherals of the system followed by most of the enterprises, there are also other aspects where systems are interconnected using separate components or technologies intended at customizations. Results are even more beneficial in such cases.

Retail Inventory Software

Retail software for inventory management is usually placed at the sales locations. Such software not only helps inventory control at all levels but may help monitoring the larger supply chain as well. Keeping track of multiple items such as the date of receipt of the product in the store, the quantum of stock in hand, history sheet of sales and transactions, as well as all the descriptions, it helps effective business management efficiently.

Warehouse Management Software

Inventory management software is also used in warehouses. While the features are identical to that of the retail based software or the supply chain software, the tasks accomplished using it are a little more intent in nature. Keeping track of goods incoming and outgoing from the store, it also effectively monitors the condition of the articles that are stored.

Inventory Tracking and Asset Management

Software is also available for inventory tracking and at the same times manages the assets by tracking them suitably. Most of the entrepreneurs are now using a hybrid of traditional inventory software with modern features.

It is another form of customization of the software primarily meant for stock control and management.

Inventory Software – Indispensable Tool In Any Business

Inventory Software is an indispensable tool in any business that keeps an inventory of raw materials and components or finished goods. Such well-developed tools help to arrange items serially, tag them with important notes and deal with goods in high demand with ease.

Special features

For any company with an inventory, it is essential to possess inventory software to remain organized with an updated stock of products. Inventory software will not only enable you to trace your inventory but will also help in maintaining a good relationship with your customers, and at the same time provide you with sufficient lead-time for purchasing goods.


Well-developed inventory management software comes with an alert system that warns you when the stocks of goods in high demand are depleting, hence enabling you to maintain a buffer stock. This software also provides the facility to verify within an instant, the stock you have at hand and follow them even if they are in a different location. In cases where you have kit sales, it is essential for you to set such a program to maintain a vigil on the sales and inventory, in order to have a clear account of your kits.


The ability to deal with multiple currencies becomes a significant feature of the inventory management software with regard to transactions made across the globe. This software helps to keep your regular customers happy, by keeping a close track of their repeated orders. The software’s ability to manage bulk sales with ease, rather than retail sales, is a valid feature.

Other Characteristics

When on the lookout for the best inventory program, it you should select one that stores and saves the customer and supplier databases. Besides, the program must facilitate your laying down user access privileges for employees who require access to the database, while and at the same time, barring critical information from public access. An added feature is the facility to make the print reports to suit individual requirements and this helps you to import and export inventory files and reports. A few applications can even export your files into a CSV, Excel or text file, from where you can import the information into your shopping cart.

User friendly

The inventory management software must present a comfortable user interface to the user. The ideal software will be one in which you can monitor your important information provided with guidelines for operation. In addition, you should have easy access to the manufacturer’s website. An optional feature you must remember is not to face duress while purchasing a separate support package.

Inventory Management Software is a computerized system of maintaining organized inventory levels, and keeping updated records of deliveries and purchases. In the manufacturing industry, it helps in issuing work orders, preparing bills of materials and other documents related to the production. Companies, to keep a record of their inventory and to prevent redundancy of stock and stocking of obsolete goods use this software. From the spreadsheets of the old days, this tool has shed its initial hard-copy form. It will go a long way in organizing inventory data. It goes hand-in-hand and shares many features with distribution software.

Why You Should Use PC Inventory Software

PC inventory software is an outstanding tool if you want to audit your whole company PC or desktop. In the past, doing audit for PC or some use term network audit has been a painstaking task for you as network administrators.

Most of the time company always employ more IT force just to solve this issue. Some network administrators have to do extra time or working during the weekend just to finish the inventory for company PC.

This is because you do it manually by sitting in front of each PC and record all the detail that you need. Some time you may need to wait user finish his/her task before you can sit on her chair. After collected all the data, you have to make a report about the result.

Well, you still get the result but it involves extra cost to the company and you will feel the pain.

But now you as network administrator can smile, thanks to the PC inventory software, the task to perform inventory to hundreds of computers can be done in a very short time.

Software for PC inventory is ideal in network environments where all PC are connected to network. Nevertheless, home users can also get benefits from it but you cannot see the real power because its real power can be seen in a big network. PC or desktop inventory software can maintain inventory of the whole network.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features of PC inventory software.

Take note that, the features and capabilities of PC or desktop inventory software can vary from other similar tools, but the idea is same – to keep record and track all the hardware and software details. There are two types of PC or desktop inventory software, one are client server based while others are server based.

For server based, PC or desktop inventory software is installed at server side and no agent needs to be installing on the client side. The software will scans all the nodes and peripheral devices on the entire network. Excellent PC or computer inventory software will detect; enterprise hardware inventory, software inventory, all in one computer inventory, security software; audit software license, track non network assets, schedule scan, manage network assets and many more.

All these features provide conveniences to a network administrator. Through this software feature, you will get all the details about system software and application software. You can gather data on type of operating system, service pack level, product key and serial number and also software that need install updates, track versions and software inventory details automatically.

On the hardware side, the software enables you to keep track all the hardware details like CPU types, motherboard, hard drives, processor, network cards, audio and video cards and memory and peripherals. PC inventory software also able to audits product keys and serial numbers of most application software programs and inform you about unused or under use of software licenses.

One feature of PC inventory software that really superb is the ability to alert you when something is removed, installed or replaced anywhere on the computer network. This software also can generate a report about all the installed components and changes made in them within no time. This software has made IT asset management is easy and fun.

As for client server base, an agent needs to be installing on all PC in your network. The agent will communicate with server and inform about the hardware or software status.

Good news is freeware PC inventory software can be found on the web. If you want more sophisticated features, you may have to purchase licensed copy.